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As a little girl I slept with the encyclopedia under my pillow and gave imaginary speeches long after bedtime about babies and pregnant bellies. I never forgot this specific interest, but chose a different path anyway. I studied Communication and Multimedia Design, and got my diploma.


Still, a tiny spark remained. Babies were being born around me, and through social media I slowly immersed myself in the birth world. Without having children myself, I developed an enormous passion for birth culture and maternity care. I followed my heart and trained as a doula in 2022.

I believe that when a woman is fully empowered during her pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period, she develops an incredibly strong bond with her baby. If you ask me, this contributes to a healthy and happy society in the long run.


With my support as a doula, I provide women and their (birth) partners with tools so that they can go through this process with confidence. In this way, together we facilitate a soft landing for mother, baby and partner.

Dear Belle, We are still cocooning but wanted to drop you a message. Julia is so grateful for how you helped during with the birth of our son. And I am just happy with the role I was able to take on during the delivery. Despite the bears on the road, the three of us were able to make a plan and had a great delivery that we can only look back on positively. Hopefully you recovered too, haha! We look forward to seeing you again soon!
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