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A gentle landing for
mother, baby and partner

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A doula is a professional birth coach who provides ongoing physical and emotional support to women and (birth) partners before, during and after childbirth. This involves practical help such as massages, encouragement, communicating wishes and being an information bridge. In addition, as your doula, I will help you in finding your intuition, autonomy and strength. This ongoing guidance and presence reduces anxiety and fear, and is linked to a positive birthing experience.


Women who have made use of a doula generally breastfeed more often and longer, are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression, and develop a stronger bond with their baby and partner.


my services

As your doula, I would like to meet you as early as possible in your pregnancy. This way we can slowly build our bond . During a number of sessions at your home I will get to know you well. I will tell you the ins and outs of giving birth, and share evidence-based information and practical tips that you can apply during childbirth. Your (birth) partner is just as important as you, so during my guidance I ensure that your partner is your greatest source of support . Knowledge is power, especially during this life-changing event.


When labour has begun, I will come to you and stay with you, no matter what. I'll come with you and help you through it. I make you feel that you can , dare and will do this. Together - you and your baby.

Create a soft landing , for you, your baby and your partner.

Extensive support  

for a powerful

pregnancy and childbirth

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5 sessions | labour

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7 sessions | labour | ElleTENS

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7 sessions | childbirth | ElleTENS

12+ hours postpartum

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Postpartum care

A solid start with tailor-made care.

12+ hours postpartum



The changes that your pregnant body experiences can cause all kinds of physical discomfort. Moreover, your mind is working overtime to prepare for labour and, above all, new motherhood.


A gentle and soothing pregnancy massage from me helps you relax your body from head to toe and sink back into your body.



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